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Commercial Insurance

If you have started a business in Texas, you must have commercial insurance at the top of your mind. For you to build a business that will last now and for years to come, business insurance is a must-have investment because it shields your venture from various risks, including accidents, fire, theft, vandalism, and numerous natural perils.

Unfortunately, commercial insurance can seem complicated. However, when you partner with a reliable agent like Agent Near You LLC, knowing commercial insurance basics becomes easily digestible — saving you money in the short and long term.

Commercial insurance coverages you need

There are numerous commercial insurance options available. However, you don’t need to purchase all the available options. It would be best to purchase commercial insurance that suits your business requirements.

Ultimately, when shopping for commercial insurance, here are the coverages you are likely to come across.

General liability insurance

This coverage shields your business against advertising injury, bodily injury, and property damage you cause to others. This policy protects you against slips and falls, product liabilities, and other third-party-related costs. Since these costs can be significant, you need an insurance policy to safeguard your business finances.

Commercial property insurance

This insurance plan protects your assets, including buildings, inventories, computer equipment, furniture, and so on. While this insurance doesn’t prevent risks from striking, it shields you from starting from scratch when the unthinkable occurs.

Workers’ comp insurance

While this insurance isn’t mandatory in Texas, you must purchase it to protect your workers from illnesses and work-related injuries. Besides, this insurance covers partial loss of income where a worker cannot resume duty due to injuries.

Commercial auto insurance

It’s suitable for all vehicles used for business operations. It protects both the car and driver when accidents occur.

Buy commercial insurance today!

The commercial insurance options above are just a guide — the list isn’t exhaustive. If you would like to learn about other business insurance coverages, please contact Agent Near You LLC for more information.

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