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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance for Extra Coverage

Sometimes, you may need extra protection beyond what your existing insurance may cover. This is where a type of coverage called umbrella insurance can be useful. Certain personal liability situations and unexpected lawsuits can be costly, and your standard policies may not afford enough protection. Umbrella insurance gives protection for your whole family, so if an incident happens with teenagers, you have protection. With umbrella insurance, you can fill in the gaps and have peace of mind that you are covered.

The experienced agents at Agent Near You LLC of Texas can help you get that extra coverage you need with umbrella insurance. We are here to help you stay protected during emergencies and other life events.

What Does it Cover?

Some instances where you may want extra coverage include damage to property, injuries, and certain kinds of lawsuits. Your homeowners, auto, or other insurance types may stop covering certain situations, and you could be left with hefty financial burdens. For instance, you may be sued for slander or libel. You could face false arrest and other situations that homeowners do not cover.

When other people's property is damaged, umbrella insurance can step in and help. There are many unforeseen situations when having a cushion of extra protection can save money and reduce stress. Having this extra protection gives peace of mind when unexpected events happen. This type of coverage also helps with legal costs and other factors that can be financially draining.

Quality Insurance in Texas

Stop in or give us a call at Agent Near You LLC of Texas to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives. We are happy to discuss umbrella policy options as well as all your home and auto insurance needs. We look forward to serving you.

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